Cadbury brings the remarkable Potli contains 2 silk plain 60g choccolate, 1 Silk Bubbly, 1 Silk Frit-Nut, 1 Silk Oreo, 1 Silk Roasted almond,  and 1 brass diya which makes the occasion  more auspicious. The goodness of taste with rich, smooth, and creamy chocolate with an irresistible taste of silk and is 100% vegetarian. To express your love and it is a perfect chocolate gift for him/her. Silk Potli is packed in a highly sanitized package according to the international standards.



Cadbury Silk Special Potli, 343g

    • Beautiful Cadbury Silk dairy milk Potli 

    • Express your indulge love with premium chocolates

    • Smooth, creamy celebration with the irresistible taste of silk

    • Ingredients: Sugar, Milk solids(26%), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Solids, Contains Milk

    • 2 X Silk plain 60g, 1 Silk Bubbly, 1 Fruit& Nut, 1 Silk Oreo, 1 Silk Roast Almond, and 1 Brass Diya

    • Weight: 343gms

    • Country of Origin: India