Johnsons is termed to be very gentle towards the eyes of a baby as baby eyes are slower blink reflexes as compared to adult ones. This shampoo is mild as water and cannot produce any irritation to the eyes as it is free of soap. The paramount effect of this baby shampoo as it rinses the hairs perfectly and cleans the scalp without leaving any adverse effect of the protective layer of baby. As it produces no more tears to the eyes and nourishes due to having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics. It conserves the baby's hair soft and healthy.




Johnson's Baby No more Tears Baby Shampoo, 500ml ( Pack of 2)

₹720.00 Regular Price
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    • Johnson's baby shampoo is mild to eyes and gentle
    • It does not tear to eyes
    • It develops baby hair growth and makes hair soft and healthy
    • 500ml (Pack of 2)
    • It does not contain soap
    • It is highly recommended by Doctors
    • Every Johnson's product passes 5 levels of safety assurance test, ensuring every ingredient is safe to use
    • It gently cleanses the hair