Johnson's Baby skincare wipes that help in the protection of the delicate skin of baby which are made up of innovative-saturated water fiber which packs 3 times the weight of moisturizing lotion, to make your baby skin soft. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients that give a first-rated protects the redness, rashes, and soothes the baby's skin as they are mild to skin. Each of Johnson's Baby products passes 5 level safety process ensuring every ingredient is safe for use ( Suitable for 0 to 10 years ).



Johnson's Baby Wipes 80S (Buy 4 Get 2 Free-480 Sheets)

₹1,290.00 Regular Price
₹720.00Sale Price
    • Johnson's Baby wipes are delicate to baby skin made with made sponge-like fibers
    • Alcohol-Free and Soap Free
    • Contains a pack of 6 (480 wipes)
    • Every Johnson's product passes 5 level safety process
    • No harmful chemicals contain 100% gentle care
    • Fliptok of the opening of the pack on top of packet helps to remain moisturizing of the wipes intact for longer use