Kissan sauce made of 100% rich juicy tomatoes that give a cajoling experience to kids while eating their foods. The enriched taste and outstanding flavor that can be used for all snacks such as pakodas, samosas or noodles, or a plain roti-roll, perfectly making wholesome and yummy food. Kissan being the popular brand in India started in 1934 as it is more than just jams, tasty squashes, ketchup, and sauces. The natural goodness which makes kids enjoy their food and empty the tiffins. The tangy red burst of 100% red juicy tomatoes gives a soothing and delightful taste and makes children happy.



Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup, 1.2 Kg

₹160.00 Regular Price
₹140.00Sale Price
    • Made with 100% real juicy tomatoes
    • Enjoy with samosas,pakodas, Rotis-roll, noodles and it makes children lunch boxes empty
    • This is a Vegetarian Product
    • Weight: 1.2 Kg
    • Ketchup pouch can be placed in the refrigerator easily
    • Carefully sealed packaging m, material that maintains the flavor and taste of the Kissan Sauce
    • Turns boring food to exciting food
    • Easy to use and pour can be enjoyed with any snacks
    • Enriched with natural goodness that makes food yummy