Patanjali brings meritorious and outstanding natural herbal products that are safe to use. This Patanjali herbal toothpaste contains herbs, Ayurvedic ingredients that protect teeth and gums from germs infections. It strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities in the tooth, tooth decay, bleeding from gums. It maintains the freshness in-breath and removes the bad breath, foul smell from the mouth.



Patanjali Dant Kanti Tootpaste Value Pack - (200g x 1N and 100g x 1N : 300 g)

₹145.00 Regular Price
₹142.00Sale Price
    • Regular brushing by Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste cleanses the teeth and leaves them shining
    • Give protection against bacteria and dental issues
    • Item Weight:300gms
    • Brand: Patanjali
    • Prevents tooth decay, bleeding in Gums, bad breath
    • People suffering from gingitivtis caused by inflammation of the gums can also use toothpaste to control the disease
    • It reduces pain in the gums and teeth
    • Used for Adult