Patanjali brings super-eminent and marvelous natural herbal products.The Patanjali Super Dishwash Bar that comes with the superior quality that is soft on hands and hard on grease and removes the dirt on utensils with ease without any hassle. The splendid and pleasing fragrance left behind and with less effort, it cleanses the dirt. With the power of wood ash and lemon as ingredients are safe to use and clean the rigid grease on pans, pots after cooking.




Patanjali Dishwash Bar Sparkling Power Lemon and Wood Ash, 280(Pack of 12)

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹275.00Sale Price
    • Patanjali Super Dishwash Bar that cleanses the dirt, greasy stains from utensils and pots after cooking with ease
    • Superior Quality that maintains the shining after use
    • Scent: Lemon
    • Item Weight: 280gms
    • Pack of 12
    • Brand: Patanjali
    • Dishwash soap produces enough dough to clean the utensils without any hassle
    • Pleasant fragrance left behind after cleaning