Shadani India Pvt.Ltd brings the classic and premium roasted sauf with sugar-coated sauf, natural added tasteful flavor, Menthol, Roasted Fennel. The everlasting delightful sauf gives instant freshness and gives cool breathe. The natural alluring fragrance of special sauf with natural artificial flavoring substances made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. The shelf life of the product is 12 months and must be kept in a Cool and Dry Place. 






Shadani Roasted Special Saunf 200g

₹120.00 Regular Price
₹119.00Sale Price
    • Tasty mouth freshner premium saunf

    • Ingredients: Added flavors, nature identical & artificial flavoring  substances, sugar coated saunf, menthol, roasted fennel

    • Net Weight:200gm

    • 100% vegetarian, egg-free

    • Packed in sanitized Tin box

    • Shelf Life 12 Months