TOYA brings the top-notch quality of seeds for indoor and outdoor birds, budgies, cocktails, and pigeons too. Seeds, grass are the important nutrients for birds, and minerals and vitamins that keep birds fit and healthy. This TOYA food is clean and 100% recommended by the veterinary doctors to give your budgie TOYA food diet regularly. Seeds taste enjoyable to birds and encourage them to come to fee them. This packet is made with preeminent ingredients and is a natural source of minerals and other nourishments.



Toya Bird Food (Kangni) Pack of 1 in 1000 Gram

₹180.00 Regular Price
₹130.00Sale Price
    • TOYA bird food seeds (Kangni) provides nourishment to the budgie diet

    • Recommended by Veterinary Doctors

    • 100% Natural

    • Weight:1000Gms

    • Food for Outdoor birds also ( Cocktail, Budgies, Pigeons )

    • Provides nourishment to birds appetite

    • Packed in a highly sanitized package with international standards layering