To remove the toughest grease from the utensils the ultimate power of 100 lemons is united in this Vim Dishwash Gel that completely cleans them giving then ultra shine. It prevents scratches from delicate cookware and removes the stubborn dirt and grease with ease. One spoonful of Vim Dishwash Gel can completely clean the entire sink full of dishes. The Dishwash Bars left white layer residue on utensils after cleaning and drying. The stubborn dirt from the plastic bottles, non-stick cookware, melamine dishes can be thoroughly washed in such a way that it looks new and shiny. A great Lemon fragrance, an easy to use bottle and cutting edge ability to clean the utensils and is gentle to hands. So go ahead and give it a try.



Vim Dishwash Gel, Lemon, 500 ml

₹105.00 Regular Price
₹104.00Sale Price
    • Vim Gel that cleans the dishes and removes the stubborn stains
    • 1 spoonful Vim gel can clean entire sinful utensils
    • Contains the power of 100 lemons that removes the dirt from dishes
    • Does not damage the delicate utensils
    • Vim Gel is strong enough and does not leave white residue behind after cleaning and drying
    • Refreshing Lemon Fragrance and gentle to hands
    • Easy to use with plastic bottle