Vitapol brings a high premium range of budgie bird food with quality ingredients used. The mixture of pellets and a variety of nourishing seeds makes your bird fit and healthy. The bird food is packed in highly sanitized and is in layered packing that makes food for long use. The net quantity is 1200gms and can be mixed with other plain seeds( kangani) to make bird food rich.  This food provides energy to your bird's wings & feathers and brings a glow to your bird's appetite too. It's a complete nourishment budgie food.



Vitapol Economic Food for Budgies Bag, 1200g

    • Vitapol Economic food bag for budgies bird

    • Highly nourishing seeds, pellets, and millets

    • Provides healthy diet to your young budgies too

    • Recommended by bird veterinarian

    • 100% vegetarian product

    • Weight :1200gms

    • Packed in highly sanitized packing with international standards

    • Also used as Mixing plain budgie seeds( Kangani) with Vitapol Economic food together to give your budgie a tasty diet daily