Vitapol brings tasty treat smakers made up of honey enriched with vitapol millets, different variety of seeds, that allure your budgie and encourages them to eat more food and make the bird's appetite healthy. It is 100% vegetarian and is recommended by veterinary doctors as well. The top-notch quality of the product is made precisely with international standard sanitized packing. These sticks are also helpful in taming the budgie by hand and also creates a trust in the owner.



Vitapol Smakers for Budgies, 2 Units

    • Vitapol Smaker ( Tasty Treat) for budgies

    • Pack of 2 sticks

    • Enriched with a variety of seeds, millets, pellets, stick on honey

    • Brand: Vitapol

    • Packed with international standards with highly sanitized packing

    • Magnificent quality of ingredients are used and makes your budgies fit and healthy