Whiskey brings you the most adorable and cute floating aquatic fun-filled bath toys( Set of 6) for your child with a squeeze and whistle Chu Chu sound. They get stick to the surface without being fallen to the bath. These bath toys are fantastic to use as your child gets busy and gets into a playful mood while taking a bath. The splash and fun joyful toy, make your kid happy. These bath toys are colorful and attractive and are non-toxics along with BPA free. They are perfect as they can grab into the small hands of your little ones with ease without any hassle. The early education can also be given by this bath toy as it increases the development of the brain, thinking about the colorful toy. They convert bath time into a fun time. These are built from high-quality soft vinyl material, odorless designed in such a way with round edges to prevent choking for the safety of your child.




WISHKEY Chu Chu Bath Toys for Baby Aqatic Fish animals Set up of 6

₹349.00 Regular Price
₹252.00Sale Price
    • Colorful beautiful fun-filled aquatic floating bath toys
    • Easy to grab by your little ones due to its small compact size
    • Non-toxic soft vinyl material and is BPA Free
    • Set of 6 bath Fish Toys
    • A Child can squeeze the toy and Chu Chu sound comes out
    • Development of the brain:- Enhance the ability of your baby and kids. maintains the hearing of kids, thinking of brain and harmony of hands along with the vision of eyes
    • Product made of high durability and 100% safe for kids
    • Recommend Age: Infants and Young Children( 0-2 Yrs)
    • Lightweight and convert bathing time into play fun time